Print, please!

Well, this business is a crazy one. its been quite a raucous last year for me, life issues (that are all doing well now, thank you very much) challenged my stamina, my faith and my heart. Within that [...]

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TriBeCa tidbits

Really excited to have an all access pass to the Tribeca Film fest and take in some good film, especially documentaries. Went with my cohort in crime Jennifer Phillips (@redjp) to a launch party for C [...]

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Tough girl redux?!

Tapping into some of my genetic mobster and having a fantastic time playing an Italian Femme Nikita (or so she thinks) in David Bellantoni's LAUNDRY. Going up at the Chain Theater in Long Island City, [...]

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California Dreamin’

Recently had the good fortune to visit the City of Angels. My webseries He's With Me continue to garner nominations...and I was lucky enough to get a nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy! My we [...]

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Off to a good start

Great way to start the new year with new energy, a busy rewarding week. Back to callbacks at Melsky and House, and a fantastic SAG seminar with Stephanie Holbrook. She's truly one of the good guys, re [...]

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Let’s Surf, 2014 style!

Happy new year! I am really ready for 2014 and I hope you are too. It was a pretty busy fall: seeing the last episodes of "Hes With Me" ( come to the live feed, callbacks for some good na [...]

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