Print, please!

Well, this business is a crazy one. its been quite a raucous last year for me, life issues (that are all doing well now, thank you very much) challenged my stamina, my faith and my heart. Within that time, I still managed to book an industrial for Amplify, a NY Lottery demo spot for McCann Erikkson (which was used to win the account for the agency) and a doulbee tv/print ad for Ikea. Oh, a short film for one of my favorite longterm professional and personal friends Craig Pospisil; a two-week shoot for Season 2 of my beloved web series He’s With Me; and a short film for revered commercial director Bob Giraldi. Phew, did I get all that in?!

All that to say, the final cut of the IKEA spot shows me for a brief, non-facial, blurred second at the beginning before delving into the remaining quick 14 seconds. Ack! Total bummer. But – the print ad. That print add remains intact and includes me…and while I never set out or saw myself as doing this kind of work, its a new sort of satisfaction to open the cover of a Family Circle and see me there, stirring gravy standing over a gleaming new stove surrounded by awesome Ikea gadgets.

You never know what this business will get you. or “where”. But the element I have most control over – gratitude for every opportunity and lesson – is love and well. And for that – you guessed it! – I am thankful.