Off to a good start

Great way to start the new year with new energy, a busy rewarding week. Back to callbacks at Melsky and House, and a fantastic SAG seminar with Stephanie Holbrook. She’s truly one of the good guys, representing the casting directors that don’t get enough credit for their own creativity. Their intuitions about the scene and moments with the actors influence the way a project ends up, and it’s so refreshing to know when you walk in her room? She’s pulling for you.

Pilot season is in full swing, which for me means a few stints as a reader for ABC Casting. Marci, Janet and John are at it again, and they also run positive supportive casting rooms. I have the bug!

It’s awards season too, and I’ve recently seen 4 of the big marquee draws for statues…and I was truly impressed by none of them. Individual performances, yes, many were lovely. But as to the movies In their entirety? I felt slightly underwhelmed. Call me high expectation.

Did everyone hear there’s no pilot season for FOX this year? Hmmmmm, interesting news, and we are just getting started!