Let’s Surf, 2014 style!

Happy new year! I am really ready for 2014 and I hope you are too. It was a pretty busy fall: seeing the last episodes of “Hes With Me” (heswithme.tv) come to the live feed, callbacks for some good national spots (Edward Jones, Time Warner Cable, Universal Studios) as well as for one of my favorite theater companies: Women’s Project Theatre.

That was such a fun call back, for “The Architecture of Becoming”. I got to work with a team of writers and directors that were very invested, focused and supportive, playing at a variety of characters, which is my favorite thing. Looking forward to seeing their upcoming production “Row After Row”.

So to start 2014 fresh, I’m getting through all of my technical updates: new head shots, updated website features, and rolling out my new reel. In addition there will be a second season of “Hes With Me”, as well as shooting for “January”: an adaptation from Craig Pospisil’s “Months On End” that I am really excited to bring to light. Please stay tuned, And may you have all the excitement and success that I am also ready to embrace!!