California Dreamin’

Recently had the good fortune to visit the City of Angels. My webseries He’s With Me continue to garner nominations…and I was lucky enough to get a nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy! My web-hubby John Cramer also got nominated, so the two of us headed west, along with our writer, creator and lead actor Jason Cicci. What a new world web-ville is, so many creative people, who’ve made the decision to tell their own stories! Very inspiring. Tho I didn’t win, I got to revisit the theatre where I worked in 2008, the El Portal in North Hollywood. Had a wonderful run there of RED DOG HOWLS, and I got to poke downstairs and make sure my old dressing room was just as is. Sometimes, in this crazy business, those reassurances give you comfort, hope and excitement! Who knows what will bring me back there next time?